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This so-called partnership at Stormont is doomed

COULD someone please, please explain to me just what is going on? As a concerned non-aligned voter, I am lost for any narrative that holds together for more than a few seconds when I view the shambles that I see before me.

Could the nationalist parties please explain to me what their gameplan is for more than a few months ahead?

Is the present posturing about welfare reform really about welfare, or are they trying to position themselves with a "We got the best deal for our voters" line in next year's Assembly elections?

As I see it, the Sinn Fein/DUP experiment is doomed. The people of Northern Ireland deserve better.

Is there some masterplan going on with Sinn Fein that we should be let in on?

Are we locked into having the two main tug-of-war parties (they certainly are not "sharing" power) destined to get away with this shambles into the distant future? Are they trying to wear each other down?

Why don't the moderate centre parties go to the electorate with a programme of governance, committed to making Northern Ireland work, to promote co-operation, to change the image of this place in the eyes of the world?

This boring feud passed its sell-by date a very long time ago.

Leadership, please.


Holywood, Co Down

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