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Those behind cruelty do not care for animals

THE killing of a cat by a jeering youth with a sub-machine-gun in the opening episode of the new Love/Hate TV series has shocked animal-lovers. I believe this outpouring of revulsion is misplaced.

I found the scene objectionable, too, but I would place it in the context of a drama that focuses on gangland thugs.

What concerns me more is that we are into the opening weeks of a new hare-coursing season and animals are being horribly ill-treated for fun by gangs of so-called "sportspeople".

In spite of the terror and the cruelty they unleash, both the driven shooters and the hare coursers claim to care deeply for the creatures they prey upon.

This is a love/hate relationship if ever there was one.


Campaign for the Abolition of Cruel Sports

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