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Threatened unit is a godsend for stroke patients

On December 26, 2014, our brother Lionel suffered a massive stroke; it left him with no speech, barely a swallow, no movement on his right side and impaired vision in his right eye.

Prior to the stroke, although 70, he was healthy and energetic, a non-smoking, non-drinking hill-walker, who could outpace people 20 years his junior.

As all stroke victims and their loved ones will know, this has been devastating for Lionel, his wife Ann and our family.

After an initial spell in Craigavon, he was moved to Loane House in the South Tyrone Hospital. Since arriving there Lionel has received nothing but the best of care. A team of caring and professional people has worked tirelessly to make life and living as good as it can be for Lionel and every other patient in their care. This team's ethos comes from its compassionate and excellent leader, consultant David Craig.

Imagine, then, our horror at hearing that this shining example of everything the health service should be, is threatened with closure. Why, when something is so excellent, should it be shut down? Loane House, which helped him so much, must remain to give hope and genuine care to others.



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