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Throw derision at the review body not MLAs

Liam Clarke summarises the MLA pay conundrum in his usual insightful way (News, March 15).

They are in a no-win situation in that most of them will lose money, especially if they try to maintain existing constituency services.

Yet the 11% increase is all that will lodge in the memory of most voters. Liam further makes the valid point that the root of the problem is a surfeit of MLAs.

It is a shame that your headline (MLAs to get 11% pay rise and, no, we're not joking) creates more heat than light and only serves to further distort the public's perception, needlessly adding to the general cynicism and pandering to those who don't want the facts to get in the way of a good whinge at an easy target.

It is clear the public's derision should be reserved for the review panel who have managed to make MLAs look greedy, while simultaneously making it more difficult for them to provide an efficient service to their constituents.


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