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Time biased BBC was privatised

The BBC's filming of Songs Of Praise at the Calais migrant camp highlighted what the loyal people of Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales believe: the BBC is rotten to the core as regards fair-minded equality broadcasting.

I view it as nothing more than a mouthpiece for those holding left-wing agendas.

The arrogant audacity of this organisation knows no bounds. Here, we have executives on five-figure salaries handing out millions to so-called "stars". Surely there is a message here?

I can only hope that the loyal people of the country that I love will take up the gauntlet and bombard the media and Government to send this shower of ill-mannered scoundrels to join the unemployed and dethrone them from their treacherous, self-appointed importance.

If ever there was a reason or a time to privatise the BBC, that time has arrived.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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