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Time Education Minister removed from office

LINDSAY Fergus's article (News, April 8) excellently put together the drop in the number of pupils getting five 'good' GCSEs with the cynical comments of the Education Minister, who admits the level of underachievement is too high and adds that he has in place a coherent set of policies.

You bet he has a coherent set of policies. This is what the minister told me as part of his four-page response to a question: "The continued use of academic selection by grammar schools is a barrier to addressing underachievement in disadvantaged communities.

"It damages children's confidence, their motivation to learn and lowers their expectations of themselves contributing to the high levels of underachievement we are seeking to tackle. That is why academic selection needs to end now." My question asked what he had done over the past two years to address educational underachievement in Protestant, working-class areas and what was he going to do in the next two years. There you have it: his answer was nailed to the Sinn Fein mast when he openly declared his own war against grammar schools. It is time this man was removed from office. Parents and children should be on red-alert. Who is the education department working for? You? Or is it solely for a Sinn Fein doctrine determined to destroy our education system?


MLA for Strangford

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