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Time for change in our education

I was heartened indeed by the coverage (News, April 5) of a survey showing that 88% of people in Northern Ireland support the principal of ending religious segregation in the education system.

While I am tempted to make the political point that the DUP has been the only party calling for a complete end to religious segregation in education, and that no other party in Northern Ireland has ever gone as far in this respect, I would instead like to highlight the most interesting finding in the survey.

The survey results appear to suggest that not only do 88% support integrated education, but more interestingly that 47% of Catholics and 56% of Protestants don't believe that the state should fund religious education at all.

It is clear that these changes are long overdue - and that future generations will not thank us if we miss the opportunity again.


DUP council candidate East Belfast


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