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Time for cricket ban on bouncers

While wholeheartedly extending deepest condolences to Phil Hughes's family and colleagues (and, indeed, sympathy to Sean Abbott), the latest sporting tragedy is a sharp reminder of the real dangers of cricket and bouncers in particular.

Once upon a time, bowling that was a direct attack on a batsman was outlawed, but nowadays hardly a Test match goes by without the spectacle of batsmen being subjected to what the commentators call "a good working over", or some such euphemism (which, in reality, means a barrage of short stuff imperilling life and limb).

Is it too much to hope that head-high bouncers will be definitely outlawed (maybe with a five-run penalty at least), so that we may enjoy a contest between bat and ball rather than having to watch ducking and weaving in avoidance of deliveries persistently and deliberately aimed at a batsman?


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