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Time for Ireland to cut ties with horror of Easter Rising

As 2016 approaches (the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising), it is incumbent on all democrats on the island of Ireland to reflect deeply upon the future of this country – north and south.

The time is long overdue to cut our ties with the 1916 insurrection and the cinder path of blood, misery and death it created.

All who believe in the rule of law must keep chipping away at the monstrous edifice of 1916, sanctified by Church, and state, drenched in the blood of the innocent and offered up by moral and intellectual cowards as a noble and sacred event.

If anyone genuinely wants to understand why 1916 occurred, the evidence is there; sufficient in itself to disillusion almost all but the diehard fanatics. The rising was a conspiracy designed to awaken interest in the discredited programme of the Fenian Brotherhood through the sacrifice of innocent civilians, whose only 'crime' was to defend democracy against terrorism.

We will not be required to drink hemlock, like the ill-fated Socrates, if we dare to challenge the rising and dispel the perverted prism through which the duped perceive this unmitigated atrocity.

The time for law-abiding people on this island to leave the GPO as a politicised landmark behind them is now – providing they have honesty and courage to do so.


Celbridge, Co Kildare

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