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Time for Iris to say goodbye

It is clear that Iris Robinson believes it is acceptable for her to preach outrageous messages of hate and discrimination based on her interpretation of ancient Biblical texts. However, the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland do not agree with her comments.

We believe that Iris Robinson does not have any public support. She has shown the extent of her homophobia on television and radio interviews, at Stormont as an MLA and in committees that she sits on as an MP at Westminster.

Iris Robinson has failed to apologise for her hateful comments. She has offended many decent right-minded people.

There has also been complete silence from other DUP representatives, which would make us think that First Minister Peter Robinson and his DUP party colleagues all share the same viewpoint. We believe it is intolerable that she can remain as the chair of the Assembly's Health Committee after the comments she has made.

The SDLP believe faith and government are not mutually exclusive.

It is time for her to resign from this post.


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