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Time for media to move on from 'Irisgate'

Is it just me or is there anyone else who is sick and tired of hearing more 'revelations' about the Iris Robinson affair?

It seems that every time I open a newspaper there is yet another 'slant' on this never-ending story. It has become as repetitive and boring as Coronation Street.

I am not trying to make excuses for Mrs Robinson's silly behaviour that almost wrecked her family. Nor am I saying that she should not answer criminal charges.

But let's get Iris, her arrogance, her hypocrisy and her personal problems and failings into perspective. She has been a fool, but she hasn't murdered anyone or sent anyone to their deaths in a far-off country on the basis of lies.

She didn't preside over the mismanagement of a country's economy, or fiddle while that country sank under a deluge of rising crime and healthcare failure.

So I am asking that the media give 'Irisgate' a rest and move on to something more newsworthy - or some of us are going to suspect that, perhaps, there is another hidden agenda at work.




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