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Time for proper stategy to halt flooding misery

LARGE parts of the south have again been devastated by flooding. Arguably, the initial response of the authorities was inadequate, but now there does at least appear to be a joined-up approach, with high-level cabinet meetings in Dublin.

But what of the northern Executive? Apart from a tractor visit by the agriculture minister to Fermanagh, what is happening at a policy level to assist those whose land or properties have been affected?

Northern politicians and civil servants should be dealing with this threat now. Given the complexities of these issues, a cross-departmental approach is urgently required.

Constructive, proactive work could be done now by the Executive, councils and governmental/non-governmental agencies.

This would likely save significant public funds over the coming decades. Otherwise, we will simply be putting a finger in the bursting dyke.


Jordanstown, Co Antrim

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