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Time for some old-fashionedvalues again

Some of our Tory friends may feel let down by some of the bizarre happenings within the UUP, but they are insignificant compared to the disappointments suffered by those who voted for the Conservative manifesto at the last election.

Mr Cameron promised he had no plans to raise VAT - it is going up on January 1. The same was said of capital gains tax and again his promise has been broken. We then had the fiasco on child benefit. The pledge on replacing the thugs' charter - the Human Rights Act - has been scrapped. There are no plans to repatriate powers conceded to the European Union as promised.

The pledge to increase the threshold on inheritance tax - a promise which boosted Tory poll ratings - has been forgotten.

Even without these broken promises, the prospect of the Tories winning a seat here on a standalone basis is nothing but a daydream.

I would urge local Tories to join the UUP and ensure that it reflects traditional Tory values.

Most of these values are foreign to our disastrous, incompetent, left-leaning Northern Ireland Assembly and what is needed is a party of the union committed to these values which will benefit all sections of the community.

Ronnie Crawford

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