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Time hospitals kicked out vending machines

Why do hospitals allow cola, sweets and crisp-dispensing machines on their premises?

For 210 days, from August 2015 until mid-May of this year, I was hooked up to a machine waiting for a heart transplant.

Luckily, after four tries, a perfect heart appeared from a person I'll never know.

(Thank God he, or she, was a donor. I should be going home next week.)

As I walk around the hospital, I'm reminded why my heart gave up after 62 years.

Everywhere I go, I see these shining machines selling multicoloured packages and containers of fat, salt, sugar and chemicals. These machines are like having a dope dealer on every corner.

You would think hospitals would be discouraged from having them, because of the health risk now and later on in life.

I know I can't entirely blame the salty crisp, the sugary drinks, the fattening breads and cheeses for needing a transplant - I take full blame for not knowing (or caring) how this snack food takes over your life.

As I look back, though, I wish I'd eaten healthy and nutritional food - I might still have my original heart.


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