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Time Ireland quit European Union for good of us all

I recall when the people of Ireland rejected the first offer to join the European Union - much, may I add, to the disappointment of the politicians at that time.

Not to be outdone, a second - more coercive - attempt was made to convince the people that becoming a member of this grand institution would be like manna from heaven. Hence, the people of Ireland swallowed the persuasions of its politicians, and joined the club. As promised, the money flowed into Ireland from the European Union and millionaires were made overnight.

Sadly, this gold rush for European Union membership would soon turn into fool's gold. For a start, the dream of Ireland's unification would become a pipe-dream, as Ireland's 26 counties would now be governed by the European Union - quickly followed by the removal of Ireland's border control, where every Tom, Dick and Harry would now have free access to come and go as they please.

On top of this, this mass of people must be offered the full facilities of the services of the country - schooling, health, welfare benefits - that would be available to the indigenous people.

Compare this to today, when the countries of the European Union are being forced to close their borders due to terrorism.

Joining the EU was a bad decision - the sooner it implodes, the better it will be for any citizen that is willing to work and respect the traditions of whatever country that gave them a home.


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