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Time is running out for death penalty petition

THREE hours before he was due to die by lethal injection on Wednesday, Richard Glossip was granted a temporary stay of execution by the Oklahoma Court of Appeals.

Most people here, I believe, find the death penalty to be a barbarism that has no place in the modern world - even when the case against the condemned person is air-tight.

Richard was convicted nearly 20 years ago of the murder of his employer. No one disputes that he was not the killer. But the man who admits the killing implicated him as a co-conspirator in a plea-bargain.

That anyone should be executed for a crime that they are almost certainly innocent of is the stuff of nightmares. Yet that is what will happen to Richard unless he can show that it would be a grave injustice to take his life before the September 30 deadline. There is a website dedicated to his cause at and it has online petitions that can be signed and an online form to contact the governor of Oklahoma on it. I hope people here can find it in their hearts to give a few minutes of their time to sign.


Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny

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