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Time Lord gives DUP a primer on gay rights

CONGRATULATIONS, DUP. At long last, some of you have started recognising the importance of diversity and gay marriage, whereas others are still treating some people as second-class citizens (News, November 25).

I read that two DUP MPs are at the forefront of the "Time Lord" Commons commotion. Jim Shannon and Willie McCrea have signed a motion which recognises Dr Who for bringing "enjoy-ment to generations of fans".

Not only has it brought enjoy-ment to many generations of fans, it has also been a major factor in making diversity, homosexuality and gay marriage acceptable.

"Old" Dr Who was always a refuge for gay people from the unpleasant reality of a largely homophobic world. In "new" Dr Who, there are so many gay characters without any big issue.

So congratulations to Jim Shannon and Willie McCrea for recognising the best programme on telly for being a major, positive influence on society.

I hope you can convince your party to get into the 21st century and stop bashing gays.


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