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Time the PSNI dealt with these IRA suspects

IT is now clear that on-the-runs (OTRs) have been dealt with since the year 2000. There is sufficient public information to clearly show that successive governments have used OTR schemes and royal prerogatives of mercy.

The Policing Board briefing in 2010 demonstrates that the unionist parties clearly knew that the OTR scheme was in operation and that it was their complete failure to ask the searching questions about Operation Rapid.

The Eames-Bradley report even highlighted the numbers involved – yet no DUP MP, or MLA, sought to ask questions about how the OTR scheme functioned. The DUP were simply asleep at the wheel.

The DUP MLAs on the Policing Board failed to ask such elementary questions and stand indicted. The DUP simply turned a blind eye because they wanted David Trimble to get the blame.

The letters are simply the means of communication; the OTR scheme itself is much more fundamental. When the data was being entered into the PSNI computer, who made the decision to highlight that republican OTRs were not going to be questioned, or prosecuted? Did the NIO dictate terms?

Rescinding of letters is meaningless; it is much more important that the PSNI change their computer database to indicate that OTRs should be arrested on sight and brought in for questioning about past crimes.

And that includes Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams.


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