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Time to act over diesel stench on Translink trains

Andrew Ellis (Write Back, December 8) is quite correct in pointing out the stench of diesel fumes that permeates the carriages of the current Translink trains. I have pointed this out to staff on several occasions.

The last time I asked the ticket collector if she could smell the fumes. "I can't smell nathin'," came the reply, delivered in the usual manner of staff who seem to feel that the use of the words "Sir", "Madam", "Please" and "Thank you" are an affront to their dignity.

She then asked loudly if anyone else travelling could smell the fumes and having received no reply from those who were sheepishly burying their heads in phones, it was then taken for granted that there was no problem.

The question of fumes from these trains is very evident at Central Station, where the smell permeates right up to the corridors on the upper level.

Even in the open air, the stench can be found. At my local station, trains are often standing unused for periods of 20 minutes.

The engines are invariably idling, which in itself is a great waste of fuel and environmentally questionable and the smell of fumes is all over the station.

This needs to be investigated before someone becomes seriously ill.


Whitehead, Co Antrim

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