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Time to break free from EU's financial corruption

Yet again, the public's peace, privacy and even sanity is bombarded with another billion-euro bailout - in this case, for a second time. Yes, I am referring to Greece.

How much longer can this fiasco go on? Until every member of the EU is bailed out? And, more importantly, where will all this money come from?

The EU has created a politically illegitimate race of people; every member (including Ireland) has lost its national identity; we are governed, controlled and obedient to the demands of the EU.

Not only do they make the laws, they invade every facet of our life, including our moral behaviour.

Bad enough as this is, we are being fleeced to maintain the financial corruption of a mini political empire that runs into millions of euros a year.

Turning to those politicians closer to home who fill their boots as well as their pockets with taxpayers's hard-earned cash, here we can, at least, impose pressure on them.

Some, as we know, are now paying the penalty for their misdemeanours. Satisfying as that may be, we have no control on such thieving members of the EU.

We did very well without the European Union before, we can do without it again. The time has come that the EU was abandoned, so that every country can be proud of their national identity and have international detente with other countries is a civilised manner - particularly so with regard to trade and tourism.


Kircubbin, Co Down


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