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Time to deal with the untouchables

The law-abiding people of Northern Ireland must by now be familiar with the apparent untouchable power of our local godfathers of paramilitarism (both sides).

Hence, I am afraid Mrs Moffett's quest for justice for the assassination of her son, Robert, will remain unsolved.

Like the murder of Robert Mc Cartney, whose family went to hell on earth to get justice, their efforts weren't worth one of John Hume's balls of roasted snow.

The butchery of Paul Quinn was horrendous - again, like the family of Robert McCartney, they, too, pursued the legal avenues for justice for the death of their son, one that had all the indications of paramilitary involvement.

This 'head in the sand' stance is adopted by our Irish, British and American political leaders. But they are only fooling themselves if they think this is the way to peace and/or unity in Ireland.

While I have the deepest sympathy for the families involved, I am sorry to say to Mrs Moffett that justice for your son will depend on the political analysis by those who govern our lives, particularly so with regard to our present, fragile peace process and the plans our political masters have for the people of this small island.


Kircubbin, Co Down


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