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Time to end cycle of tribal politics

Arthur Weatherly (Write Back, October 23) suggests that those who voted DUP in the last election might possibly consider voting TUV the next time on the grounds that Jim Allister appears to be the sole opposition within the shabby Stormont set-up.

While this idea might, indeed, sound laudable (he is, after all, a QC), the fact is that Northern Ireland does not have a single politician, statesman, or party of real merit, which has the necessary gravitas and ability to deliver actual government for all.

It would need at least 10 years of direct rule to weed out all the rotten dead wood and Spads which have accumulated within the respective tribal parties, such as the DUP and Sinn Fein, since the Good Friday Agreement. Even then, the inevitable tribal vote would still continue ad nauseam.

For any real hope, there really needs to be a major sea-change within the blinkered tribal politics here.


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