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Time to name and shame the litter louts

On Saturday I helped with a litter clean-up on a lovely Co Down beach. Apart from the obvious cans and crisp bags, there were plastic straws, cigarette ends, bits of rope and masses of part-disintegrated plastic.

Plastic takes more than 400 years to bio-degrade in the sea and aluminium 200 years. In the meantime, this rubbish causes great damage to sea creatures and the general environment.

Then, on Sunday, I walked along a scenic road near Slieveanorra on the Antrim plateau. I could have filled a bin-bag with plastic bottles and cans.

People presumably visit these places because of their natural beauty. Why, if one can carry bottles, cans and plastic bags to a beach, or the mountains, can one not carry away the empty containers?

Local councils will take action to fine motorists if the public gives them the registration number of any car observed having litter thrown from it.

Publicity should be given about people being fined for littering.



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