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Time to park parades law affecting classic car runs

I read with interest Trevor’s criticism of the parades legislation(Write Back, October 25) .

As a classic car owner and also a member of a local MG Club, I would be delinquent in my duties if I also did not reiterate the points which Trevor made.

I bought my first MG in 1970 and, although having spent a lifetime working for a competitor, I was still drawn to this marque and in 1996 joined the local club.

The members have actively enjoyed the use of their cars to such an extent that local charities have benefited from the generosity of the many local car enthusiasts.

This club alone has donated over £36,000 which has been obtained from table quizzes and donations obtained during the club's fortnightly car runs etc.

I now find that a lot of our members who have been willing to organise an event have had their enthusiasm curtailed by the stupidity of having to complete an 11/1 form 28 days before they even take their cars on to the road.

The downside of this legislation is that local charities are now missing out on donations because events are not now gaining the support of the members.

I can appreciate the need for certain events to have a body watching over and approving parades, but surely it was never intended for the PSNI or local councils to become involved in classic car events.



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