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Time to ring changes over BT and broadband

WHEN will the Government finally realise that broadband suppliers, particularly BT, have taken them for a ride?

While they quote wonderful figures about how they have superfast broadband covering the majority of the province, what they don't admit is that the rural community hasn't even reached first base.

There is no profit for BT in supplying the rural community, but surely there is a moral obligation to ensure that all residents are treated fairly?

Towns and cities, quite rightly, should be connected first, but they have now had several upgrades, while the rural community struggles to use emails because of poor connectivity. Belfast can now boast speeds of 30-40Mbps, while those living in the country struggle with just 0.5Mbps. And It's not only remote areas. Just 1,200 metres from the main Larne-Ballymena line and four miles from Larne centre cannot get reasonable connection.

I have contacted local MPs, but the response is that they struggle as well. It is time BT was called to account to ensure province-wide coverage.

Everyone deserves to have reasonable access to the internet, BBC iPlayer and Sky in this day and age. Estate agents are now quoting internet speed in their house specifications, emphasising just how important it is.

To add insult to injury, BT has announced record growth and profits in its latest annual report.


Larne, Co Antrim

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