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Time to show respect to McConville family

It is so tragic to hear that Billy McConville has lost his fight with cancer.

His death and the misery that was his life can be laid firmly at the door of Sinn Fein, whose military wing brutalised this poor family whilst committing a heinous war crime.

Billy deserves far greater acclaim than unrepentant terrorist McGuinness, and every decent political party should be represented at his funeral.

Sinn Fein now use a mantra - integrity, respect and equality - as an adjunct to the Irish language, Armalite and ballot box strategy.

They had ample opportunity to show integrity, respect and equality to Billy, who tirelessly campaigned for justice for his family. That they did not do so shows that they are the ones totally devoid of the qualities they demand of others.

When Adams is pontificating in the USA about integrity, respect and equality, the media should be asking him, what he will now say to the remainder of the McConville family?

Those who vote for SF/PIRA in their droves should bow their heads in shame and beg God's forgiveness on this day.

Tom Nash


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