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Time to stand united against this thuggery

A few years ago, Northern Ireland Protestants were accused of Nazism and were indignant that anyone would dare make such a charge.

What else could you call the events of the last couple of days, with jumped-up thugs (read stormtroopers) destroying hard-working, decent people's homes and driving them out just because of their religion, or the fact that they come from a different country, or the colour of their skin?

All they are trying to do is make a life for themselves and their families. What type of a country have we become that we let this happen and do nothing?

Have we become so ingrained and apathetic that we can't see how wrong this is? Is there no-one to stand up and be counted for these victims and to say 'not in our name'?

Just once, wouldn't it be wonderful to see on the news - and for the rest of the world to see - people from Northern Ireland standing shoulder-to- shoulder with these victims and protecting them from these vermin?

Maybe then we could, for once, hold our heads up instead of burying them in the sand.


Bangor, Co Down


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