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Time to stop mixed messages on rail and buses

IT is right that the Belfast Telegraph holds Translink to account over the increase in fares and the level of salaries enjoyed by its top brass (News, April 26).

But it is incredible for the paper that led the Save Our Railways campaign a decade ago to refer to money spent on the track renewals of the Coleraine to Londonderry line as "taxpayers shelling out nearly £130m in a year just to keep the company running".

Track renewals are not operating costs and the Belfast Telegraph has been rightly campaigning for this investment for years to keep the Derry line open. But now, all of a sudden, it is using a one-off capital project as a stick to beat Translink with over the issue of price-hikes.

By all means, look at their operating costs, the salaries of senior management and all the continuing costs. But when you turn from champion of investment to a berator of expenditure, I smell desperation to make a story. So time to stop the mixed messages, Belfast Telegraph.

Do you want to have your resolute stand, calling for investment in our railway network and expansion? Or do you just want to be reactionary?


Comber, Co Down

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