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Time to stub out smoking

I AM a smoker. I do not enjoy being a smoker, but I do enjoy smoking. These are two very separate things – something that is lost on many non-smokers.

I see myself as an addict and the most frustrating thing about being in this cancerous captivity is that freedom lies within.

Willpower, of course, is all that is required to free oneself from this smoking trap. It is pointed out to me regularly that for my children's sake alone I should quit.

Yet this does not enable me to quit. Thousands of people die every year due to smoking-related diseases. The Government points out that these deaths are "preventable". So why does it not prevent them?

The sale of cigarettes brings much revenue to the Government. Surely the cost to the health system outweighs this income?

Why not have the courage to actually deal with the issue?


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