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Time to take a stand against unfair Tory cuts

On Wednesday, September 29, the trade unions and hundreds of their members assembled at Belfast City Hall, joining in solidarity with public service workers, making a clear stand against Sammy Wilson's proposed government cuts of £2bn, which, if implemented, would see the loss of up to 40,000 jobs.

The rally was only the kick-start of a campaign that will quickly pick up steam and ensure that these potentially devastating cuts are resisted and stopped in their tracks.

A number of political parties and voluntary groups from all sides of the community joined with the trade unions, demonstrating the wide-ranging opposition to the Tory cuts.

One of the next big steps in the campaign will be a mass mobilisation - again at Belfast City Hall on Saturday, October 23 (1pm).

Make a stand against ideologically-influenced cuts which punish the poorest in our society while the bankers continue to pay themselves unbelievable bonuses aided by taxpayers' money.

If we stay silent, the Government will think it's ok to implement the cuts. We can make a change by letting our voices be heard.

Be there so that the Government can hear you.