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Timing of vote on the Union flag was bizarre


I find the timing of the vote at City Hall for the Union Flag removal bizarre. Why was this vote held during the first week of December?

Did the councillors believe that everyone would be caught up with the magic of Christmas and not notice the flag being abracadabra-ed away? And why have this vote while business are trying to bring shoppers into the city.

I do wonder about the common sense of people in power - do they really understand Northern Ireland?

The country has travelled a long distance in the years since mainstream loyalist and republican terrorists gave up their murderous campaigns.

However, the country is still not a total democracy. People still have the will to cause violence as shown in Belfast, Bangor and Carrickfergus. Politicians have to live in the community and they must reap what they sow.

The violent protests by people who call themselves unionists only live for the here and now. Directly opposite the rear gates of Belfast City Hall is a hotel.

Did they not realise that visitors and the few tourists that the city receives may have been concerned about their own safety?

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And again what message does this send across the world? Yes, in Belfast when they disagree they still riot.



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