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Titanic attack on English is a step too far

One Sunday recently, I heard part of the Radio Ulster Sunday Sequence programme. It contained an item on the launch - compete with a bottle of champagne - of a virtual church near the Titanic dry-dock.

There was a reference to the good workmanship in the Titanic and a throwaway remark about it being handed over to an English captain. The implication was that it was his fault the ship was lost.

That may be so. But we should be wary of this idea of promoting our superiority to the English.

We do this with regard to education, even though our universities are not in the top 10.

No one has ever questioned the superb craftsmanship in the construction and fitting-out of the Titanic. But it was a design awaiting disaster.

We have erected a blue plaque to the designer - although at least one English marine insurer thought it unsafe and refused to insure it.

A little bit of modesty might suit us better.




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