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Titanic Belfast: a marvellous advert for city

I recently came back to Northern Ireland with my Singaporean wife and was showing her some of the better parts of Belfast and beyond.

One thing that really impressed both of us was the new Titanic Centre.

Though changes back home occur slowly when compared with Shanghai, Dubai or Singapore, I was thoroughly impressed by everything to do with the iconic new centre.

Rebranding the most famous of all shipping disasters as a badge of accomplishment for Belfast and the men and women who created such engineering marvels is something that made me feel a rare pang of pride when it comes to the wee province I left more than 11 years ago.

Now, if the increasingly impressive Ulster rugby team and thoroughly entertaining Game of Thrones could somehow be folded into that experience.

I think that Northern Ireland tourism would be on to a non-sectarian winner ...

Iain McMullan


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