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Titanic drinks leave a bitter taste in mouth

Building the Titanic was a magnificent achievement for the workers at Belfast shipyard.

The loss of life following its sinking was, of course, a terrible tragedy.

Thus 2012 can only be a recollection, not indeed a celebration; a balance of pride in the great ship and respect for all those lost souls.

Why then are we allowing a bad taste to be left in the mouths of many visitors to the Pump House and dry dock where you can buy a freezer-pack memento - 'A Gin and Titonic . . . Sink One In Our Drink'?

Let us sell the Titanic story. We have every right and need (considering what is being spent) to do that.

But it should be done with dignity for the city that made it and sensitivity for the victims and their families.

Tackiness only adds insult to their terrible injury and demeans us all.



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