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Titanic mural is a refreshing change

HOW refreshing it is to see murals that depict other aspects of Northern Ireland's life other than the misery and hopelessness of the Troubles.

The effort to give a homily to the memory of the Titanic in east Belfast by the artist John Stewart is an astounding piece of art.

Northern Ireland is perhaps the only outdoor museum in the world that has art of such high quality on display for the public to see without a fee.

It would be great to see more murals of Northern Ireland's civil society and its history, other than constant reminders of proscribed terrorist organisations.

It should also be possible to depict the new future horizon of Northern Ireland. Maybe some day Northern Ireland will set voyage on a new ship - not ill-fated - called the 'Herald of Peace' and made by the wider community working in unison, with its flag a white dove?


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