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Titanic Quarter bus service is not a service, it's a joke

On Friday, December 16, I waited outside the Science Park in the Titanic Quarter for the 17.10 26B bus. This bus did not arrive.

I waited for 20 minutes, then walked the entire length of Queen's Road, as I have a connecting bus to get to Larne - the Goldline 256.

It took me another 20 minutes to walk along Queen's Road to the Odyssey and, during this time, the 26B did not pass me.

On Monday, December 19, I waited outside the Science Park for the 17.37 26B bus. This bus did not arrive. There were six people at the bus stop who slowly filtered off and began to walk.

Oddly, the private bus which services the Science Park was able to pick up its passengers without any problems.

Because the 26B bus did not arrive, I missed my connecting 18.15 Goldline 256 at Bridge Street going to Larne. This meant that I had to wait for the 19.55 Goldline 256 service. I was not home in Larne until 8.45pm.

In essence, it's disgraceful. For buses not to arrive two days in a row when people need to get a connecting bus home is utterly shocking.

Translink is leaving people with a 30-minute walk (in addition to the time they have already spent waiting at the bus stop) to the city centre, where they have most likely missed their connecting service.

I'm absolutely appalled with this so-called 'new' service to Titanic Quarter.

Other stranded passengers informed me that it's routine for the 26B not to arrive - it happens at least a few times per week.


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