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Titanic queues won't impress foreign visitors

I WENT to the Titanic Exhibition on Thursday, having bought tickets for the 12.20pm tour. We went in a party of five and had to queue for half an hour before the line started to move. A further wait of half an hour and the queue became logjammed. We were told the car ride around the Shipyard had broken down. We then bypassed this part of the exhibition in order to avoid any further delay.

While there were assistants in the building, they were not evenly allocated to each floor. When we got to the top floor there were three together. We also discovered that there were audio phones available for the tour but were not made aware of these until the tour was over.

If we are asking visitors to travel from all over the world, we will have to do much better, especially in a building costing £97m. Many around us were angry and frustrated with the delay so someone who had travelled many miles would be incandescent.

Stanley Hughes



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