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Titanic showpiece shouldn't be just for better-off

I am writing in response to the recent media coverage on the new Titanic exhibition in Belfast.

I was surprised and dismayed to learn that the exciting centrepiece of the exhibition, the replica grand staircase, is not part of the tour for regular visitors, the ordinary working class people.

The admission rates will represent a substantial outlay for the average family, yet they will be denied the spectacle of arguably the most dazzling part of the exhibition.

Isn't it ironic that if the mighty workforce of the Yard who were responsible for building the Titanic were still alive, the vast majority would not get to see the staircase either.

It is planned to be a perk for the better-off. Designating a few days a year to allow the ordinary people to access the staircase is not good enough; it is tokenism.

Members of my family worked in the Yard all their lives and I think that they and everyone else, regardless of economic clout, has a much right to see the best bit, the crowning glory of the exhibition, as anyone else.

Patricia Connor


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