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Titanic victims forgotten in the rush to make money

The sinking of the Titanic has been completely commercialised by those who have grabbed a golden opportunity to line their own pockets through the death of so many people in freezing waters.

Books (and their film adaptations) have generated an entire industry around a dreadful event in which 1,514 people lose their lives. The myth-factory has been deployed for glorious (and sometimes wildly elevated) tales of heroism and chivalry.

Drawings and paintings of actual events that happened during the course of the sinking have been graphically displayed as faithful renditions of the loss of a ship that was considered unsinkable by the fools who conceived it.

Speculation about what caused the sinking is still rife among experts.

However, the only thing that is actually happening, far from discovering the truth, is mass-pilfering of the wreckage and its legacy by divers and writers for commercial gain, with doubts about the authenticity of artefacts recovered from 12,415 feet of highly-compressed sea water.

It could well be the case that more lives will be lost to the Titanic in the desperate effort to cash in on the public's fascination. It now appears that the Titanic is being romanticised for purely financial reasons on the back of the 1,514 people who died on its ill-fated maiden voyage.

Is there any respect for the dead, as there would be in any other maritime tragedy?


Shanbally, Co Cork

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