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Titanic was not our only tragedy on high seas

Why not incorporate a section on the sinking of the MV Princess Victoria on January 31, 1953 at the new Titanic Centre?

This disaster had more to do with the people of Northern Ireland than the Titanic. All the officers onboard lost their lives and a total of 133 people drowned. No woman or child was saved.

Great acts of bravery took place on that terrible Saturday: the bravery of the RNLI crews from Portpatrick and Donaghadee who went to the rescue; the radio officer, David Broadfoot, who stayed at his post transmitting messages by Morse code until the very end.

Then there was Lt Stanley McArdle and CPO Wilfred Owen (HMS Contest), who entered the sea to save the lives of those clinging to a wrecked lifeboat. Both spent half-an-hour in the sea and pulled one passenger to safety.

Many people in Northern Ireland and south-west Scotland remember the tragic incident.

But memories are dimming. This terrible accident, which took place so close to Belfast, should not be forgotten.

That is why I am appealing, through these pages, for a section at the new Titanic Centre to cover the tragedy. Lest we forget.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim

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