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To believe or not isn't related to scientific theory

It is often assumed that religious believers fly in the face of modern science, suggesting that anyone with even a modicum of intelligence would bend their knee, not to a God, but to the world of science.

Some of the sharpest minds, at the leading edge of modern science, have religious beliefs, while other, equally bright and successful scientists, do not.

Clearly, to believe, or not to believe, is not related to our grasp of scientific enquiry or scientific theories.

The atheist and the believer do not differ in the questions they ask, but in the nature of the grounds for reaching their sometimes conflicting conclusions.

Intelligent, open-minded atheists have raised many of the right questions - questions that cannot be swept under the carpet.

They have done more than most to awaken in us a keener awareness of the difficulties raised by becoming immersed in a dogmatic world of uncritical certainty.


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