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To leave Europe would betray the heroes of history

Britain is a small island close to the coast of Europe. No referendum can change that.

For centuries, Britain has striven to ensure that it is able to influence events in Europe. This is why the Duke of Wellington, as he became, fought in Spain and at Waterloo. It is why thousands died at The Somme and Ypres and on the beaches of Normandy.

British statesmen have understood for centuries that Britain disengages from the rest of Europe at its peril. Britain has been - and will continue to be - profoundly affected by Continental Europe, however the vote goes.

Within the European Union, Britain can influence decision-making.

Outside, its voice and concerns can - and probably will - be ignored, despite the fact that Britain would be seriously affected by decisions made by the member states.

Thousands of men have died so that our country's values would shape Europe.

Walking away from the European Union would be a betrayal of generations of statesmen and servicemen.

To opt for isolation is a recipe for impotence on the European and world stage.


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