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Toilets should be closed for cleaning

Today, while making a visit to the gents' lavatory in the Abbeycentre complex in Newtownabbey, I was surprised to see a female cleaner doing her work while men and boys used the urinals.

There was a notice on the wall outside that said this was happening and added that male cleaners would also be doing the same thing in the women's lavatories.

Why are workers - especially females - being subjected to this? I'm sure they don't do it willingly.

Couldn't the unit be closed when it is being cleaned by a member of the opposite sex? It wouldn't cause much inconvenience, as there is another lavatory on the premises that people could use.

I don't know about the other males, but I was embarrassed and I'm sure the lady cleaner felt the same way. Those who run the complex should be ashamed at subjecting their employees and customers to such indignities.



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