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Tolerance is still evolving

If Mervyn Story (Belfast Telegraph, February 13) wants equality, let’s have atheist, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and other religious viewpoints expressed from the pulpits of Free Presbyterian and other Christian churches every Sunday.

This would ‘reflect the views of other people’.

But, of course, Christians have fixed things so that the equality laws don’t apply to them!

Creationism and the Theory of Evolution are not equal alternative theories.

One, Creationism, is based on a belief, Christianity, without provable evidence, which Mr Storey is perfectly entitled to hold and express.

The other, Evolution, is a recognised and accepted scientific theory which has stood the test of rigorous scientific examination.

It is proper that our Ulster Museum should help explain the Theory of Evolution through its exhibitions.

Religious belief already has plenty of museums of its own.

Mark Marshall


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