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Tom Elliott is well able to speak for himself

I wonder what prompted the idea of inviting three fairly experienced political commentators to write a conference speech for the new leader of the UUP, Tom Elliott?

As someone who once taught Tom in school, I am mightily proud of his achievements in the political field.

I do not think that he would feel the need to be given advice about what he should say to delegates in the Ramada Hotel.

He enunciated his view pretty well on the Hearts and Minds TV programme last week and, clearly, to coin an oft-used phrase of Tom's, he is quite capable of writing his own speech without the |assistance of any political hack.

I am at a loss to know exactly what John Hussy was trying to |say in his letter (Write Back, |December 3).

I feel, in the present political |climate when the Democratic Unionist Party is riding high, that the UUP leader is quite right to plough his own furrow, stick to the centre-ground and try to gain the goodwill of the voters who have deserted the party and either stopped voting or switched to the DUP or TUV.

I agree that the unionist sniping should stop. It has gone on for far too long.

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Why has Mr Hussey got such a bee in his bonnet about willing the UUP leader to attend a Gaelic football match, as if doing such a thing was high up on his list of |priorities in his political agenda as soon as he was elected leader?



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