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Tom Elliott: Republic should rejoin the Commonwealth

It would be a good step, both politically and economically.

Reality Dawns

Since both the Republic and the UK are members of the EU (for now), the Commonwealth is irrelevant. The two countries co-operate on many more levels via the EU than any Commonwealth membership would provide. Mick1512

Timing is not one of Tom Elliott's strongest suits.


Maybe we could convince the Americans to end their rebellion and join as well?


Samonty: ha, ha, ha, ha. I like it.

Big Chief Ally

Mag Lochlainn: Equality all we want in gay community

Yes, to all the gay community: you should have equality and you will have equality. It will be a struggle but it will happen.

Bongo Bill

Bongo Bill: what groups do you suppose have a "vested interest" in this? Who would fight against it?

A Wilson

Rights of gay people do not exist in isolation from the rights of non-gay people. Too many members of the gay lobby have displayed a tendency to bully others.

Ronan Burns

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