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Tone of same-sex debate has been too aggressive

THE same-sex marriage debate goes on and clearly our society is divided for different reasons.

Deeply religious and some irreligious people feel the status quo should remain; that marriage is between one man and one woman, which is the ideal laid out in the Bible.

Others, usually more secularist in their thinking, feel the matter hinges on equality and rights and they are entitled to this view.

I am a bit dismayed at the aggressive tone from some sections of the LGBT community for change in favour of same-sex marriage, particularly as opinion sits on a knife-edge.

The next move for this group is to test the verdict in the courts and, if that fails, presumably to explore other means.

My own view is that society is best served by traditional marriage, as set out in Ephesians 5:31, but that we as a society step back from using such vociferous language to force change upon a people who are largely content to keep things as they are.



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