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Tony Ward: Ireland can lift the World Cup

No doubt a great performance and we came good after, let's be honest, a pinned-down first half. Listening to Tony Ward, you'd think we were the finished article. In fact, we are not. To go further in this competition, whether we needed the win or didn't, beating Italy is a must, I'm afraid, no matter how they have improved in recent times. We missed some kicks we should not have, we looked sometimes only to key players to do the business and you can be sure, tactically, our next game play/s will be critical.

Kieran the Rock

It's getting exciting now. I can't for the Wales game. They're playing great rugby, too.


It's amazing what we Irish can do when we stick together. Now for an all-Ireland football team.

Irish Prod

Our Irish rugby team continue to make everyone at home, plus the millions of Irish around the world, very, very proud indeed. Go for the World Cup. The wind is at your back.


Rihanna backlash: the star who fell to Earth

I could not have told you who Rihanna was before last week, nor do I really care. However, no matter what we think about her, there is no doubt she brought a lot of smiles and happiness to people last week and that no one can fault.


No such thing as bad publicity. I suppose it makes better news than the normal rubbish.

Poor Builders

Here we go again. I'm fed up reading about her.


Kenneth Branagh, a homegrown worldwide stage phenomenon, is in town and yet this little egomaniac gets all the publicity?

Miss Culture


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