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Too much innuendo and hearsay over RHI

Your article 'Senior DUP figure claims Arlene Foster withheld information from Assembly on RHI' (Online, January 26) noted the BBC's Nolan Show reporting a "senior DUP figure" making claims (anonymously) about Arlene Foster withholding information provided on the RHI scheme to the Assembly.

I contrast this with Jonathan Bell's Nolan interview in December 2016, where he chose to go public and "tell the truth should the heavens fall".

To the "senior DUP figure" who made the allegation, I question your motives for anonymity. Have you been overlooked for election?

Are you a Spad or former Spad? Have you a personal grudge against Arlene Foster?

I suggest, if you haven't the backbone to step out of the shadows and go public, then you should be given no media credence until your motives can be judged.

Far too much in this RHI debate has been long on rumour, finger-pointing, hearsay and innuendo and short on verifiable fact.

In that regard, now that a public inquiry has finally been initiated, I say: bring it on.


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