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Too soon to make film about Howell/Stewart

I have been deeply saddened by successive articles (News/Life, April 20-25) for the upcoming TV docu-drama The Secret.

I am extremely concerned for the families of Colin Howell and Hazel Stewart.

James Nesbitt, playing Colin Howell, is only interested in the "fantastic" acting opportunity. The author, Deric Henderson, says he is "acutely aware of the families' feelings", but nevertheless he pursued his "obsession" to write the book on which it is based.

Genevieve O'Reilly, playing Hazel Stewart, while conscious of the sensitive nature of the story and of the pain of the children, has still performed while "seeking to do justice to the story for them".

I wish to protest that, had there been any real concern for the pain of the children, this film would never have been produced.

The Buchanan and Howell families are still young and feelings are very raw. This whole project should have been postponed for several decades more.

I appeal to all readers: please spare many thoughts and prayers for these families in the coming days.



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